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Individual Exploration & Expansion

  • Explore your specificities and development potential, in order to better understand, develop and market  ...


Complementarities & Convergence

  • Understand the objectives, operating modes, key characteristics and personality profiles of a team...


Interactions & Language

  • Understand the impact of personality profiles on the manners of communicating of an individual or a team...


Mediation & Cohesion

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock the individual and collective performance of a team, a group or two individuals....


Orientation & Career Change

  • Define, with regards to market needs, the professional orientations or career evolutions suited to your personality profile....


Organisation & Capitalisation

  • Understand the objectives, modus operandi, key characteristics and personality profiles* of all or part of an organisation, in order to uncover and exploit the pertinent talents...

Organisation & Capitalisation


Understand the objectives, modus operandi, key characteristics and personality profiles** of all or part of an organisation, in order to uncover and exploit the relevant talents and complentarities best suited to identify, deploy, track and manage appropriate solutions for each challenge the organisation faces.

Our approach

Step 1

Each organisation being specific, a detailed approach will be determined according to the stakeholders, objectives, needs and the challenges faced.,

Step 2

Benefits and results

Track & Manage
  • Build and deploy an organisation capable of serving the ambition and rising to the challenges faced by leveraging the characteristics, experiences and complementarities of the talent pool

  • Optimise individual and collective performance by exploiting aptitudes and their combinations beyond the assigned job role of each person.

  • Mesure the efficiency and the RoI of each key component of the organisation by uncovering and developing the right combinations of talents.

  • Improve competitivity and profitability by allocating resources to match their experiences, personality profiles and complementarities with the activities to be performed and the challenges to be met.

  • Perpetuate the organisation and its know-how by integrating talents and acquisitions appropriate to its culture, needs and development objectives.

  • Influence client markets and investors by instituting and orchestrating a thoughtful, co-ordinated and adaptive dynamic all along the value chain.

  • Empower each collaborator to be a performance player and an ambassador of the brand and of differentiation by appropriately exploiting their aptitudes

** Exploring the personality profiles of a team can only be done with the clear and freely expressed consent and willingness of each of its members, after a presentation of the methodologies used and the rules of confidentiality applied

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  • Track and analyse threats and opportunities by utilising the dominant characteristics of certain personality profiles.

  • Consider and devise differentiating development axes and solutions by leveraging those same characteristics associated with profiles capable of deploying them

  • Detect and prioritise key ideas and innovations based on the different types of creative capacities of those involved

  • Identify and assess the acquisitions, evolutions, profiles and successions which add-value as a function of the "personality" of the organisation.


  • Interviews and indicators of personality type by Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and Cailloux-Cauvin (CCTI)

  • SWOT : strategy tool which allows potential development options to be determined based on the analysis of the Strengths and Weakness of a person and the Threats and Opportunities of the markets/environment.


  • DESC : Communication scheme used to resolve a difficult situation and develop assertiveness.

  • Key components analysis framework : Questions to ask and 360 ° analysis of the key components of an organization.

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