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Individual Exploration & Expansion

  • Explore your specificities and development potential, in order to better understand, develop and market  ...


Complementarities & Convergence

  • Understand the objectives, operating modes, key characteristics and personality profiles of a team...


Interactions & Language

  • Understand the impact of personality profiles on the manners of communicating of an individual or a team...


Mediation & Cohesion

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock the individual and collective performance of a team, a group or two individuals....


Orientation & Career Change

  • Define, with regards to market needs, the professional orientations or career evolutions suited to your personality profile....


Organisation & Capitalisation

  • Understand the objectives, modus operandi, key characteristics and personality profiles* of all or part of an organisation, in order to uncover and exploit the pertinent talents...

Mediation & Cohesion


Resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock the individual and collective performance of a team, a group or two individuals, by developing a mutual understanding and ownership of the specificities and value-added of each party..

Working sessions to determine and schedule 2 to 3 practical joint assignments to be completed.

Brainstorming to consider the characteristics, complementarities and approaches to be deployed for each pratical assignment.

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Our approach

As each mediation is specific, we develop a detailed approach tailored to the issues to be addressed.

Step 1
Step 2

Exchange views on the roles and responsibilities, needs, objectives and modus operandi of each party, and on the difficulties encountered.

Individual exploration* of the personality profile** or of the strengths and weaknesses of each party - interview of 2 to 3 hours

Execution, followed by a meeting* to share the positive and negative aspects and realign where hurdles were encountered.

Benefits and results

  • Conciliate the opposing parties by fomulating and exploiting their differences and respective talents and by developing an awareness of their mutual utility.

  • Draw out the creativity and individual & collective performance of the parties to enter a virtuous circle based on their specificities and complementarities

  • Optimise the efficiency and the return on investment of the group or team which each party is involved in, by their understanding of the differences of Others and of the benefits they bring.

  • Modify behaviours and the modus operandi, and initiate a virtuous circle by developing the recognition of the utility, values and advantages of each person.

** Exploring the personality profiles of a team can only be done with the clear and freely expressed consent and willingness of each of its members, after a presentation of the methodologies used and the rules of confidentiality applied.


* Tools used:


  • Interviews and indicators of personality type by Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and Cailloux-Cauvin (CCTI)

  • SWOT : strategy tool which allows potential development options to be determined based on the analysis of the Strengths and Weakness of a person and the Threats and Opportunities of the markets/environment.

  • DESC : Communication scheme used to resolve a difficult situation and develop assertiveness.

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