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Know yourself


Understand your specificities and value-added, in order to better exploit, develop, market and complement them throughout your professional development, whether in a scholastic or a professional setting.




Comprehend your specificities and preferred manner of innovating, in order to generate ideas and manage innovation projects.


Increase and accelerate innovation, by deploying the right combination of talent at each step of the process : from anticipation and idea generation to project management and portfolio prioritisation.



Understand your specificities, your management and innovation styles, so as to concentrate on the activities most suited to your characteristics.


Comprehend the personality profils of your stakeholders, to craft the value-added complementarities most appropriate to the key actions to be deployed and to achieve the objectives.



Consider and choose your orientation in terms of studies, profession or function taking into account both your capabilities, specificities and experience as well as the needs of potential employer organisations.


Exploit the characteristics and potential of the key players to anticipate movements on your strategic playing field and define your strategic choices.



Develop your specificities, in order to focus on activities and professional orientations most suited to to your characteristics.


Exploit the characteristics and potential of your stakeholders to increase the efficiency and creativity of individuals, teams and the organisation.

Animate & Inspire


«As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower other»
Bill Gates


Breathe new life into your organisation by exploiting the talents and specificities of each individual in order to increase performance, develop creativity and seize new opportunities.

Combine & Organise


Develop the creativity and the performance of a team, a group or a key process by deploying your talent in their sweet spots to achieve the overall objectives.


Understand the specificities, temperaments, management and innovation styles, … of your talent pool to develop the most appropriate organisation for your strategy, your objectives and the capabilities of the various stakeholders.

Optimise & Transform


Understand the specificities and value-added of your people in order to deploy talent according to their capabilities and characteristics and hence gain in efficiency.

Differentiate & Market


Identify and exploit the strengths and specificities of an individual, a team or an organisation to better position, present and market them.




Select the right combination of personality profiles to find and formulate the most appropriate solutions to a set of specific issues.



Consider the characteristics of each party concerned, to reach a shared understanding of their differences and engage in the most appropriate form of mediation for the issues at hand.


«Communication is understanding the person who is listening»
Jean Abraham


Consider the characteristics of Others to better listen and communicate key information, and improve your ability to federate teams and convince diverse third parties.

Plan & Deploy


Consider the orientation chosen according to your capacities and specificities, to assess the key steps, the potential pitfalls inherent to your strengths and weaknesses and devise a plan of action.



Analyse, in addition to the open position role and expected experience, the capabilities and specificities most useful to support the characteristics and added-value of the existing teams, in order to recrute the profile most apt to achieve the overall objectives.

Anticipate & Steer


Consider the characteristics of a leader and his team, to optimise tasks and roles in order to most effectively understand the environment, decode events, develop KPIs relevant to anticipating and managing the activity and take action accordingly to position the organisation.

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