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Individual Exploration & Expansion

  • Explore your specificities and development potential, in order to better understand, develop and market  ...


Complementarities & Convergence

  • Understand the objectives, operating modes, key characteristics and personality profiles of a team...


Interactions & Language

  • Understand the impact of personality profiles on the manners of communicating of an individual or a team...


Mediation & Cohesion

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock the individual and collective performance of a team, a group or two individuals....



Manager of a Team

To prosper under uncertainty requires renewed ingenuity every day on the part of the men and women who contribute to the dynamism and development of an organisation.

The constant pressure that teams and their managers are subject to, requires deploying a greater variety of ever more specialised skills. Faced with increasingly ambitious objectives and the constant evolution of their environment and strategic playing field, it is becoming harder and harder for teams to achieve their goals without leveraging the characteristics and specificities of each of their members.

So, given your business objectives and the means and resources at your disposal, which capabilities, specificities and complementarities are the most appropriate to meet the challenges you face?

How can you deploy them to re-energise an existing team and reach for excellence?

Tailor-made to your issues and business objectives, our approaches will enable you to assess, taking into account your environment and your resources and means :


  1. The capabilities, specificities and complementarities which are most suitable for the challenges you face

  2. How to deploy them to develop the potential, the creativity and the performance of the team and each of its members.

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