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Individual Exploration & Expansion

  • Explore your specificities and development potential, in order to better understand, develop and market  ...


Complementarities & Convergence

  • Understand the objectives, operating modes, key characteristics and personality profiles of a team...


Interactions & Language

  • Understand the impact of personality profiles on the manners of communicating of an individual or a team...


Mediation & Cohesion

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock the individual and collective performance of a team, a group or two individuals....


Orientation & Career Change

  • Define, with regards to market needs, the professional orientations or career evolutions suited to your personality profile....


Organisation & Capitalisation

  • Understand the objectives, modus operandi, key characteristics and personality profiles* of all or part of an organisation, in order to uncover and exploit the pertinent talents...

Individual Exploration and Expansion

Explore* your specificities and development potential, in order to better understand, develop and market them in the context of your experience, your objectives and the challenges you wish to take on.


Our approach

Customised to your objectives, your needs and the challenges you face.

Step 1

Exploration of your objectives and personality profile during a 2 to 3 hour personal interview.

A series of dialogs or training sessions of 1 to 2 hours each.

Step 2

Telephone conversations of 20 to 30 minutes each.

Re-reading of documents
(CV, cover letter,
presentation, …)

Benefits and results

Develop yourself
  1. Take ownership of your personality profile, identify, appreciate and understand the value-add and use of each of your innate characteristics.

  2. Develop the tools and work methods suited to your personality profile.

Orient yourself
  1. Be able to chose, during your school years, a profession and a curriculum which match your profile and desires, as well as the needs of Society.

  2. Throughout your career identify your development opportunities, at the cross-roads between your talents, your experience and your progression .

Market yourself
  1. Know how to orchestrate your experiences and characteristics to anchor your personal brand - orally and in writing.

  2. Deploy the appropriate outbound marketing strategies most suited to your personality profile.

Reinforce yourself

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  1. Increase your efficiency, by working with your personality profile, for certain key activities or aspects of your job (creativity, leadership, organisation, …)

  2. Concentrate on your sweetspots to achieve your objectives and understand the specificities of others in order to consider how to join forces.

* Tools used to explore the innate   characteristics of an individual :


  • Interviews and indicators of personality type by Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and Cailloux-Cauvin (CCTI)

  • SWOT : strategy tool which allows potential development options to be determined based on the analysis of the Strengths and Weakness of a person and the Threats and Opportunities of the markets/environment.

  • DESC : Communication scheme used to resolve a difficult situation and develop assertiveness.

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